Monday, January 11, 2010

Bread Making

This post is dedicated to Tracy and Hannah.

This was my first attempt at making bread a few months back. At home, I never felt the need to make fresh bread, if I wanted a nice loaf to go with dinner I’d just hop on my bike, ride to the store, and pick up a loaf of Brio. But alas, no Brio bread in Abalak.

Here’s a picture of my loaves after the second rising.

And the final product!

It’s no Brio bread, but it sure was good. Steve and Donnie raved over it. It looks like Micah enjoyed it as well

I served it with potato soup made with fresh basil off of the plants that I have almost killed countless times. Lucky for me they keep coming back.


TnT said...

Excellent job! What beautiful loaves. I can see that coming every other day or'll get into a rhythm where it won't seem so laborious. Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

It took me 63 years to attempt bread and I was surprised at myself---turned out pretty good. Yours looked better than mine----way to go Allison