Sunday, January 24, 2010


A couple weeks ago Donnie goes to pick up the doors to our front gate so we can begin rebuilding the front wall of our new property. I was working in the office so he came to tell that he should be back in 15 minutes, but reminded me that our son was sleeping in the house so that if he wasn’t back by then to make sure I checked on him. He comes back a little later telling me that he is indeed going to be longer than 15 minutes, that he almost had a very bad accident (almost?!?) but he’s ok and he’ll tell me what happened when he gets back. Okay.

He comes back and explains to me that just as he was arriving at the door place he heard a loud pop and then all of a sudden there was a bunch of smoke billowing out from under the hood. The next thing he knows someone is running up to him yelling at him to get out of the truck. Upon exiting the truck he notices the flames coming from out of the front end. All the people who were there came running up and immediately started throwing sand at the truck. They were throwing it everywhere at the windows, in the back, in the interior…..maybe they were trying to bury the truck before it burned up. Fortunately their was someone with a water hose close by. It was thought that the fire was started by a short. We are just glad Donnie made it out safely.


April said...

So glad he's ok! That happened to one of my cars the first year I had moved out from my parents house. It was So scary and people weren't helping me so my car got destroyed. :(

Donnie Allison & Micah said...

Oh! That's terrible!