Monday, January 11, 2010

Hebert’s Christmas Wishlist

Here’s how it works—You choose the gift you would like to give us, send a check made out to us to 5249 Creekside Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243 and then send us a little note either via email or snail mail wishing us Merry Christmas and letting us know which gift you gave us
~Yogurt for breakfast for a year: $365
~Rice and beans for lunch for a year: $182.50
~Stock our freezer for three months:
Cheese: $100
Butter: $25
Meat: $75
~Breakfast for Micah for a year: $200
~Clothes (Allison loves clothes!):
Everyday outfit: $20
Fancy outfit: $40
Turban for Donnie: $6
Head scarf for Allison: $6
~Health/Medivac Insurance: $1,800/yr or $150/mo
~Rec Center Membership (for R+R in Niamey): $450/yr
~Guest house accommodations in Niamey: $175/wk
~USB Modem to do email from Abalak: $175
~Email from Abalak for a year: $70 (Chatting on Skype is extra!)
~Help us pay for our land: $5,000 or $2/sq. meter
~Help us build our house: $13,000
~Help us build our tafalat (traditional outside hangar): $300
~Milk cow: $400
~Cell phone credits: any amount
~Calls to the states: $.25/minute
~And, especially for Allison and Micah…I would really like and Ergo baby carrier, I think they’re around $80-$100. [FULFILLED]

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TnT said...

this is a great idea! it looks like going to Niamey is getting quite expensive...both to stay and to swim. that's a bummer. BUT on the up side, email in Abalak for $70? WHAT A DEAL! I hope you get everything on your list.