Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"This Land Is My Land..."

On Friday we closed the deal on our new property! It was exactly what we were praying for…something in a good neighborhood, with trees, close to water and electricity, and no house so we could just build from scratch, and for around 2 million (cfa, that is). We didn’t think it would fall into our laps so quickly, and once we got here, we realized that it would be pretty hard finding something in that price range, especially with water and electricity nearby. And the whole process went incredibly smooth, especially for Niger. Zeinou, our guard, found it for us and began negotiations. He showed it to us on Sunday and by Friday we handed over money and signed the papers. Now we just have to save up to build our house!


TnT said...

are you posting from Abalak? I love the new place. Nice tree in the middle.

Pablo (yo) said...

Happy new year!!!
Feliz año nuevo!!
Bonne Année!!!

Pablo from Argentina