Monday, July 26, 2010

Micah Turns One

WOW I can’t believe our little boy is already one year old! As I look back throughout this year I see time and time again where Allison and I have been so thankful for our son. With this being our first child there have been times that have made us wonder how we were going to survive, but we are both amazed when we look at him.
In Niger it is sometimes a challenge to make birthdays fun. We bought a couple things for his birthday when we were on break and Grandma Linda also mailed some presents which made it here just before his birthday. We threw out a mat and let him have at his gifts.

Surprisingly enough he was into opening the presents……sometimes he would get distracted and thought the paper was more fun than the actual gift.

Happy to Be One!

Balloons Anyone?

He really likes this one Grandma.

What are you talking about? What Cake?

This is good stuff

More Please

Come on can’t we make a deal for more cake?