Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Market Day

Alkassoum and Aboubacar. The ‘grocery store’ where I buy most of my Abalak staples.

Someone bought a new bed. And a sack of rice. Donkey carts are one of the main modes of transport around here.

Sometimes I buy fabric from this guy.

Need a broom?

Meat Market. They leave the tail on so you can tell if you’re buying sheep or goat. This one’s a sheep.

This one is for Erica Brim...This is how bush people charge their phones.

Tuareg leather tents. Much cooler than a plastic tarp!

Haussa woman cooking for the market day crowd.

Peanuts, tomatoes, and peppers.

Wow, those are big horns!

People bring grass from places that have it and sell it for about 50 cents a bag.

I don’t know that people actually cook with these but they pound them up and use them in makeup and they also string them into necklaces. The smell of them reminds me of Christmas.