Saturday, October 24, 2009

(Teammates Sarah and Caleb Mannix with Donnie and Micah)

After arriving in Niger we decided to spend Saturday afternoon cooling off in the pool at the recreation center here in Niamey. The plan is to get our bag that didn’t make it here on our flight then head up to Abalak on Monday. We are thankful that we made it here despite all the issues with Micah’s ticket. Micah is really taking it all in. He has all sorts of new things to take in here. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to adjust to life here as a family with a newborn.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Pumpin Patch

We went inside to pay for our pumpkins they had a bunch of other squash they were selling...looked like fall!

Pumpkin Patch

Last family outing before we left...Mom and all of her kids. We went to the one in Blue Lake last year, so decided to check out the one in the Arcata Bottoms this year. It was nice that by the time we finally made it out there, it had stopped drizzling. Still quite muddy, though! Way too many pictures to post, but here are a few...

Lil Hot Dog

Auntie Jordan got him this costume for Halloween.

Business Class

My doctor called him a "premium baby". Here's my "premium baby" livin' it up in Business Class. This time he gets to experience it from outside the womb.

And We're Off

Goodbye Humboldt. Niger here we come. It was an emotional morning for me on Wednesday, saying goodbye to my mom at SFO. Currently we're stuck in Paris for the night due to problems with Micah's tickets...thanks alot Northwest. Hopefully tomorrow we will be in Niger, Inchallah. Here's Micah, sleeping soundly in Grandma's arms while we hung out in the business class lounge before we went through security.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Micah got his first shots yesterday. Here is my blue-eyed babe earlier that morning, completely oblivious as to what's to come. And here he is afterwards, just a mere 90 minutes before all hell breaks loose.
Ok, I see it, he really does look like Donnie in this picture.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When we were in Florida

Donnie and best friend Jacob with their kiddos at Wings 'N' Things, one of the restaurants we always go to when we're there. New on the menu...Deep Fried Oreos!
I was a bit skeptical, but man, are they delicious!

Crispy fried goodness with a soft oreo center.

New Friends

This is Micah and his new friend John Mark. He and his family live in North Georgia. We spent a few days with them in September when we made our big trip back east. John Mark was quite enamored with Micah. The first thing he asked when he saw us was, "Can I feed him?" He was often tagging along behind me..."Can I hold your baby?", "Can I play with him now?" He loved him.

They also have a very large love of a cat named Pounder. I think he liked Micah, too.

Father and Son


Here's Micah with his little taggie blanket that my friend Tracy made for him. Thanks, Trae!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend--Monday

And on Monday evening we left to go back east. It was Micah's first plane ride. He pretty much slept the whole way.

Labor Day Weekend--Sunday

Our good friends the Rickstrews were home visiting from Texas for a couple of weeks. Luckily, we got to spend some time with them before we left to do some visiting of our own. Tracy and the boys, Riley and Abram, came out earlier in the week and Tom came out Labor Day weekend. Cato and E also made it back to Humboldt for a visit that weekend as well. Friday night we had a gathering of friends over Loretta's enchiladas at the Manka/Hebert residence and orange brownies for dessert. On Sunday, we celebrated Riley's 4th birthday at Sequoia Park. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from the Rickstrew's visit except for these pics of Cato and Micah at Riley's party.

Labor Day Weekend--Saturday

It was my friend Cristina's wedding. She's one of my friends from high school. She moved up to Oregon a couple of years ago, and that's where she found her honey. I'm so glad she came home to get married. It turned out to be a beautiful day despite rain in the morning and it was lovely to see old friends. And Micah did so well! Some of "the girls"--me, Ginny, Crisitina, Crystal, and Brandy.

Reception at Moonstone Beach...view from the beach house.

Party favors.
Place cards for the "Herberts".

Our beautiful family!

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the last month or so...

It's been a little while since my last blog post. Since then we had a visit from friends now living in Texas, then we went back east for three weeks. On our way home, Micah and I stopped off in Stockton for my Aunt Charolene's 80th birthday celebration. Now we're home and the countdown for our return to Niger has started (oh my!). We will be driving down to San Francisco on the 20th of this month, flying out the 21st, and arriving in Niger the 22nd. Hopefully this time we'll be staying longer than six weeks!