Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea at Zeinou's

On Sunday we went over to Zeinou’s house for tea so that everyone could see the baby. Zeinou is the day guard for the concession where our house is located. He’s been working here for years, probably almost 20 by now, and he can tell you stories of everyone that’s ever lived here and probably many visitors as well.

Micah spent the morning being passed around from person to person, and occaisonlly back to Mama for a feeding.

Micah with the twins—Zeinabou and Moussa. Zeinou’s youngest children, they were born when I was here in 2002. I attended their baptism. I can’t believe how big they are now!

Zeinou and Moussa.


Zeinou’s wife Fatimatou.


Elizabeth said...

I remember when the twins were born too! Wow, they are so beautiful :) Please greet Zeinou for us. Little Micah is too adorable being passed around!

Hannnah B said...

Tell Zenu's family hello for me next time you see them.