Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Car

Here’s Micah’s new potty chair I just scored at market the other day for 650 cfa (about $1.50). They had just a plain little seat, but then I saw the super cute Baby Car and had to get it for my baby. He’s been pooping a lot, like every time I feed him, so I thought I’d go diaper free during feedings. It’s been an adventure. But I have to admit, there’s just something so satisfying about your kid pooping on a potty! Plus, it’s one less poopy diaper I have to rinse out.


April said...

Now THAT is cool! Justin would love it, too bad they don't have them here!!

TnT said...

yeah for diaper free babies!!! abram is pooping on the potty exclusively and peeing regularly. he still wears diapers, but it is going well. i'm glad you are trying it. are you making sounds like "psssst' and "poopy" for him?