Wednesday, November 18, 2009

October Rain

This was really written a few weeks ago...wish I'd dated everything.

Last Monday, as we were approaching Abalak and our long 14 hour drive was coming to a close, we saw lots of clouds to the north and lightening. Quite bizarre for this time of year. One place near Abalak got 100mm that evening. In the next three days it rained two more times, one night it rained for about six hours and by 2 AM we had to come inside as our tafalat was leaking. These pictures are from the last rain storm. Thursday afternoon I went to market to buy some buckets and some fabric and while I was out it began to get a bit blustery so I cut my trip short and went home. I wasn’t home long when it started to pour. Lucky for us, we got the diapers off the line just in time! Rain is good, during the rainy season, but if it comes too early and then doesn’t come in season, the grass will shoot up and then die and if it comes too late it will rot the already dry pasture, which this year wasn’t a lot to begin with.

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