Monday, August 30, 2010

Stuck Truck

We were on our way back from doing a food distribution out in the bush. We’d made it safely back to town without incident (well, without incident on our truck, the other truck however, got stuck in sand, broke an axle, and blew a tire on the way back) and were driving through Abalak to take some Wodaabe to the maternity hospital. It seemed that all routes there were filled with water. Mike decided to chance it and cross. We made it about halfway through the muddy wet mess when we hit a hole with the left front tire. He put it in 4WD and tried to get out but that only got us stuck deeper. We called for the other truck to come help us but it was over an hour before they came as they were looking for a tow rope. They finally arrived, but this was the truck with the broken back axle, so even in 4WD it was really just 2WD. I decided to go home and feed and water my child and it was a good thing I did because it took them over three hours to get that truck un-stuck.

This was what I saw when I looked out my window.

Mike trying to dig us out while waiting for the other truck to come help.

Donnie supervising.

It was pretty stuck.

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