Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Again!

Donnie came back from Tahoua last week with not one but two packages! The Sutters and the Fagundes’ had sent Micah some birthday presents (and a little love for us too!). The package from the Sutters was post-marked June 20th. On the front of that envelope was a little stamp that said…

So that’s why it took nine weeks to get here!

He got a shape sorter and a whole fleet of cute little Tonka trucks, some of them having been to Thailand!

Dear Kevin, Laura, Mike, Cortnee, and Madeline,
Thank you for my birthday presents!

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wrinkles said...

enjoyed looking at the pictures of Micah--over and over again, he is such a handsome fella----give lots of hugs and kisses to him from us.