Monday, August 30, 2010


One night while Donnie was in Niamey we were talking on the phone, “I have a surprise for Micah,” he says, “but I’m not telling you what it is.” Ok, whatever. The week continued and I forgot about Micah’s surprise. It wasn’t until after he had gotten home, the truck was almost unloaded and then out jumped this little guy…

And then I remembered the surprise.

Keep in mind this is the same man who wouldn’t let me keep a puppy I found in the street. Anyone else see the irony here?

He seems to really like us, especially Micah. Sometimes he gets really excited and jumps up and down when he sees him. I’m sure if Micah could, he would do the same thing. Rest assured we supervise these monkey/baby interactions very closely.

Marcel has made himself at home on our porch. I have mixed feelings about the little guy, he is rather cute and has grown on me but he poops everywhere and now I can’t just let Micah go out on the porch to play. We untied him thinking he might decide that freedom is a beautiful thing but now he just climbs trees and wants to come in the house. I guess he’s gotten a bit attached to us.


wrinkles said...

I love all the pictures of the food distribution. What a blessing from the Church. the pictures of Marcel are so cute--

David Wilkinson said...

Joel would like to know what type of monkey is Marcel. We can't find him in our book.