Sunday, December 26, 2010

Micah's Second Christmas

We are very thankful and blessed to have Grandma Linda with us this Christmas. Here are a few pics from our Christmas day and the day after...
Papa made us waffles for breakfast. Micah's getting good at giving back rubs :)
Auntie Jordan got him this wooden train.

He's quite good at opening presents now!

It's Pea Freely!

Reading his new “Owl Babies” book. “I want my Mommy!” Three baby owls wake in the night to find their mommy GONE! Will she come back soon? Quite appropriate as we are currently dealing with some severe attatchment issues :(

Micah greeting a Christmas evening visitor.

Day after Christmas visiting at a friend's house.

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TnT said...

ok...i wanna know what pea freely is.