Saturday, December 18, 2010

Micah's First Thanksgiving

This year for thanksgiving we were invited to spend it with some other M folks in Tahoua. Us, the Mannixes and Sarah’s friend April, and the two Southern Baptist couples that live there. Nine adults and three small children gathered ‘round the table made for a festive meal. We had most of the Thanksgiving essentials, excepts for cranberry sauce and my mama’s sweet potatoes—three small chickens stood in for the turkey, and of course there were mashed potatoes and gravy, Stovetop stuffing, and green bean casserole (onions and cream of mushroom sent from the states—great ideas for holdiday care packages!), plus yummy meatballs!

After lunch the kiddos played. Well, Caleb and Micah played, I think they were a little too much for the other little boy…those crazy bush kids! Then they watched a movie before settling in for their afternoon naps…

One of the few pictures I have where my son is actually wearing clothes!

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