Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second bush trip

Made it out to the bush again last week for another quick overnight trip. This time it was out to a newer site for some grain bank follow-up. It was our first time out to this site. We arrived just after sunset. I was escorted over to where the women were while the men were getting ready to meet. The meetings started a while later. In the meantime we had tea, and dinner, and second dinner, and second tea. The moon was about half full and I think Micah enjoyed looking up at it. The women were suprised that I knew any Tamasheq at all. When I first arrived and asked how their children were they giggled and said, "she knows 'children'". So even though I still can't speak much, it was an enjoyable time. The kids loved Micah. The meeting with the men lasted until midnight (and so did Micah!). After we crawled into bed Donnie recounted (is that an English word?) to me a conversation that went on in the meeting between one of the men and his little boy--Apparently this little boy, about four years old, had taken a liking to Micah. He told his father that Micah could stay here in the bush with them (we could come visit him there) and he could drink cow's milk. Then his father said, well, why don't you go back to Abalak with them and you can have cow's milk there and go to school. The boy quickly responded with a no. His reason--"I do not believe that they have a cow!"

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