Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

*Micah Jude—his once toothless grin, his laugh, the way he wiggles when he’s excited, his blue eyes, his baby babbles and serious conversations

*The color purple
*Cold season mornings
*Cold season in general
*The smell of fresh cut grass
*Drinking from the garden hose
*The ocean

*Pretty flowers

*Christmas lights and candles
*My 0 degree sleeping bag (it’s heavenly!)
*My down jacket
*New clothes
*Sparkly things

*Spring mornings
*Summer evenings
*Fall afternoons

*Winter storms in Humboldt
*Crepes from Renatas
*Kyoto sushi
*A sunny afternoon on the Plaza
*Family celebrations with my sisters
*Camel rides at sunset
*Sleeping out in the bush (or in the mountains back home) under the stars
*Market Day in Abalak
*Fresh cow and camel’s milk
*Ben and Jerry’s
*Dessert in general
*Jeff Stanley’s paintings
*A day at the river
*The smell of jasmine
*Taking a dip in a lake after a long day of backpacking
*My Ergo (Thank you, Sherry!!!)
*Long bike rides


April said...

What a great list! I miss our walks in the Arcata bottoms. I'm still going to send you package, my apologies for the delay!!

Dee Dee or ???? said...

my most favorite thing is being with family and seeing all the great pictures of Micah with you and Donnie. Love you guys sooooo much.

Anonymous said...

I like your list. I love you. Momma