Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Bigger

Here I am, 29 weeks, my first prego pics. Eight more weeks to go until I'm in the clear and can have this baby without an obligatory stay in the NICU! Since coming home, the pregnancy has continued quite smoothly and I continue to feel quite well. I had an ultrasound done three weeks ago when we first got home and everything looked as it should. Unfortunately haven't been able to scan the pictures to post them, though. I'm still on bed rest, but I do manage to get out from time to time.

My belly does look a little bigger from this angle.

It's so weird to see myself look like that!


Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

Wow, you look so cute. I am 26 weeks along but I don't think that I look it. I had more weight to start with so the baby is sort of hiding. He lets me know that he is there however, he moves all the time. I'm glad you posted these pics!!! So Cute!

April said...

Love the belly shots! You look great and you have the prego glow. Feel free to bring the u/s pics over and I'll scan them for ya!