Friday, November 7, 2008


Donnie went out shopping yesterday, and to post our visa applications. It seemed like it was taking him an awful long time in Eureka, but maybe it was just the time change that made it seem longer as it was starting to get dark. So I called him just to check in. As it turns out he was just down the road, on his way home. "I brought you a suprise," he said. I love suprises! So he came home and I saw him walk in the door with a big bunch of flowers. Well, he wanted me to think that was the suprise, but tricky boy that he is, it wasn't.

He'd gone to BB&B to get a pressure cooker, which, according to Steve, is the only kitchen item missing in Abalak. But I noticed that there was more than just a pressure cooker in that bag. And then, with a big grin on his face, he pulls out The Magic Bullet.

I'd seen the infomercial on TV, so I was quite suprised that my husband had brought home that very item as he always scoffs at those infomercials...and my desire to purchase their products. And yeah, it's cool and all, and I wanted one, but why, I wondered, did he choose this time, when we are trying to get rid of stuff and pack up all that we own, to bring home The Magic Bullet?


That's right, folks, $6.99. Someone had inadvertently labled that particular box with that price tag, and Donnie picked it up, and thought it was just some piece of crap that might grate cheese once or twice and then die on us, having no idea that they're really going for $49.99. He goes to the cash register, and his total comes to $70.00, and that's when he finds out the true price. So the manager comes over, and says he'll split the difference, he can have it for $24.99. Prior to coming up to the cash register Donnie had already opened up the box, and saw all the cool things it could do, and was quite sold on it. He almost took the offer, but held out. In the end, the guy agreed to give it to him for the mistakenly labeled price. Beat that!

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April said...

Cool! So, what is a magic bullet exactly??