Friday, November 7, 2008

The List Is Getting Shorter...

Crossed off a few more things off of our Niger "to do" list this week:

  • Bought tickets to Niger--Totally awesome, I was in the middle of composing an email when all of a sudden I was taken over by a moment of ADD and thought, "Why don't I do look for tickets?" Maybe it was more of a God thing than an ADD thing because I found tickets out of Arcata, with Air France, for just under $1,900! By far the best deal out there...and trust me, we've looked. I felt like God was smiling down on me after the hardships we'd endured over the weekend.
  • Bought tickets for our January trip to the South--Cortnee, we're coming your way! Flying out from San Jose Jan 6, returning Jan 30. Another sweet deal on that ticket, and of course the Panza's being ever hospitable are taking us to the airport! We'll also get to see Hama as we were away on a "camping trip" when he last visited Humboldt.
  • Sent away for our visas

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April said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are on a roll. :)