Monday, October 8, 2012

A Brief look at a day in the sand box

                        People often ask what our days are like here so I will share my day today with you.
6:00             Get up and put tea on and have quiet time as we wait for the hospital worker to come and draw blood from Emma and I. We both needed to see if we have malaria.
7:00             Haruna our local hospital worker comes by the house to draw the blood. He uses an unconventional item to tie our arms off while he draws our blood. (it looks like an old backpack strap) after he draws the blood he caps the two needles and leaves them next to the chair he is sitting in. As he is leaving we give him the equivalent of $10.00 for coming to the house so we do not have to wait at the hospital.
8:00             I go to the project office to work on grain bank administration. Allison is texting the doctors at                                the mission hospital 6 hours away to see what local malaria medicine we can use to treat Emma with if she has malaria.
11:00          We find out Emma has malaria. I go to the local pharmacies to get the medicine for Emma. None of the pharmacies have the medicine due to the high amount of malaria cases this year. One pharmacy tells me to come back in the afternoon to see if the medicine came in.
12:00          Go home to eat lunch and have siesta.
3:00            Back to work at the office.
4:00            Return to the pharmacy to see if the medicine came in. It didn't come in we have to wait to see if it is on the bus that is coming to town. I then go to the hospital to see if they have any medicine there. None available. I did get to visit with three different families I know.
6:00           Come home from work and take clothes off the line.
7:00           Return to the pharmacy to see again if they have the medicine. This time they do! Thank you Jesus!! The medicine costs $12.00 I then return to the hospital to drop off a cot for one of the families I know who has to spend the night at the hospital.
8:00             Back home to give Emma her medicine. We start to give Emma her medicine and she is not taking it to well. She then throws up all over me (I have a weak stomach and I am trying not to throw up) just before Jeff stops by to see how Emma is doing. We have to start all over giving her the medicine. This time we are able to get it in her. Just after we finish the power goes out. Outside to turn the generator on.
9:00           We eat dinner and give Micah his bath.
10:00          Power comes back on Back outside to turn the generator off and switch to local power.  We then get the kids ready for bed. Every day we each say what we are thankful to God for that day. Today Micah is thankful he got to make cupcakes with Mama. Allison and I are thankful for the hospital worker that came by and that the medicine came in today. After we pray and put Micah to bed
11:00           I take a shower then write email
11:45           Bed time Thank you Jesus!
                 So that was a glimpse into what life was like today in the sandbox.


Tami - Picayune said...

Thank you for sharing! Many times we need to be reminded that the nuances in our lives are mere inconveniences and not so bad. Lifting the family in prayer!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing :) my sister is on her way to south Africa with her hub and my niece and her hub. they are going on some safari's. it sure is a huge continent. praying you all get well soon. love and blessings <3 janice