Saturday, October 24, 2009

(Teammates Sarah and Caleb Mannix with Donnie and Micah)

After arriving in Niger we decided to spend Saturday afternoon cooling off in the pool at the recreation center here in Niamey. The plan is to get our bag that didn’t make it here on our flight then head up to Abalak on Monday. We are thankful that we made it here despite all the issues with Micah’s ticket. Micah is really taking it all in. He has all sorts of new things to take in here. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to adjust to life here as a family with a newborn.

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Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

We are so glad to hear that you made it and are safe. We miss you guys and can't wait to hear about everything that will happen as you start your new life there. We love checking out your blog and hope you visit ours too from time to time so that we can both stay up to date on everything that has been happening. We will keep you in our prayers.

Love you guys!