Monday, February 23, 2009

We aint in Kansas no more Dorothy.....Heck were not even in the USA

We made it to Niger after way too many hours on a plane. There is nothing like going from a cool 50 degrees to high 90's with a side of jet lag. I am pleased to say all our luggage arrived on the same plane as us. We have done this trip a few times and sometimes the luggage just doesn't make it at the same time. We were happily greeted by several locals. After a days rest we decided to test the Internet out and see how Skype would do. One of our wodaabe friends was over so we thought we might make his head spin by letting him do a video chat with some friends back in the states that had been out here before. So the Wodaabe are bush people through and through. I still don't think he understands what he was doing on skype and how it worked. He kept asking where in Niamey were they. He didn't understand that they were in the USA.
So here is Mr Jado talking on Skype with our friends in the states.
We may not be in Kansas but I don't need ruby red slippers to send me home. If Dorothy only had Skype!!!


April said...

This guy must be in awe still! That is way cool though and I can see Shawn and Lindsey on there. :) Looks like you're getting all situated. I see the signature fire and light on the table there. :) Miss you!

Kathryn said...

Yay for Niger! Do you have a snail-mail address that I can send letters to? Big hug!