Friday, October 17, 2008

Here We Are!

Welcome to our blog! I must say, I really had no intention of ever starting one of these as I don't like to write, and I don't fancy myself a great communicator. But after much cajoling from April and Tracy, I thought, well, maybe I'll give it a try. But of course I didn't. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago when we decided that we were going to head back to Niger that I thought, well, it might be a great way to keep in touch with people...and I guess it wouldn't hurt to start working on those communication skills! So look out bloggers, here I come!


Michael and Cortnee said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, you are going to love it. I happy to have an way to hear all that is going on with you two.

Take care. Cortnee

April said...

I just found your blog today and I love it! Great name and lay out. I can't wait to see more posts. :)